Out of Savannah, Georgia, in the shade of the deep pinewoods, the Salt Flat Pickers have emerged as the torchbearers of a new era of bluegrass music. Formed in 2021, this dynamite group of musicians has since been crafting a sound that is as deeply traditional as it is innovatively genre-defying.

Founding members Rocco McDonald and Jake Stephens, proficient on the mandolin and banjo respectively, play the leading role in grounding the band’s sound in the authentic roots of bluegrass. Their musicianship carries an air of reverence for the genre’s pioneers, notably Bill Monroe and Doc Watson.

But this isn’t your granddaddy’s bluegrass band. Patrick Reagan, a masterful washboard percussionist hailing from New Orleans’ band “The Long Goners,” adds a rhythmic complexity to the mix that is as refreshing as it is intoxicating. The ensemble is completed with the inclusion of former “Mostly Goodspell” bandmates, Brooks Easterling and Trevor Clendenin. Easterling’s supple bass lines meld seamlessly with Clendenin’s articulate guitar work to form the backbone of the band’s distinctive sonic blueprint.

What sets the Salt Flat Pickers apart from other contemporary bluegrass bands is their vocal dynamism. Each member – Jake, Patrick, Rocco, and Trevor – lends their distinctive voice to the ensemble, resulting in a vibrant harmonic tapestry that oscillates between haunting and exuberant.

The band takes the well-trodden paths of traditional bluegrass, injects it with the modern country influences of Tyler Childers and Billy Strings, and then veers off-road into the psychedelic wilderness blazed by the Grateful Dead. It’s this intrepid musical exploration that infuses their live shows with an electrifying energy, eliciting foot-stomping enthusiasm from festival crowds and corporate audiences alike.

In a musical climate where authenticity is often the first casualty of success, the Salt Flat Pickers are a reminder of the raw power of honest, rootsy music. Whether it’s the sweet melancholy of their four-part harmonies or the virtuosic thrill of their string-plucking, the Salt Flat Pickers don’t just play bluegrass – they inhabit it. Their performances are a testament to the enduring vitality of the genre, where every note resonates with the timeless heartbeat of American music.

As they gear up for another year of music-making, the Salt Flat Pickers stand at the forefront of the bluegrass revolution. Keep an eye on their social media for updates on their upcoming shows, and join us in watching this band redefine what it means to play bluegrass in the 21st century.