Alvarez MD60BG Bluegrass Dreadnought Guitar

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Alvarez MD60BG Bluegrass Dreadnought Guitar

A marvel in wood and sound, the Alvarez MD60BG Bluegrass Dreadnought Guitar is crafted for the passionate player. With its all-solid construction and traditional styling, it’s your key to the soulful world of Bluegrass.

The Alvarez MD60BG – Your Partner in Bluegrass


A Symphony in Wood: The Alvarez MD60BG Bluegrass Dreadnought Guitar

Here stands a guitar with a mission, with a calling that resonates in the very wood from which it was crafted. The Alvarez MD60BG Bluegrass Dreadnought Guitar is not just an instrument, it’s a journey into sound.

The top, Solid AAA Sitka Spruce, is married with Solid African Mahogany back and sides. Together, they create a voice, a powerful, resonant timbre that is both sparkling in the treble and mighty in the bass. Play it once, and you will feel the response, the deflection of notes quick and precise, and a sound quality that only an all-solid wood construction can provide.

Designed with the flatpicker and powerful strummer in mind, the MD60BG delivers on every promise it whispers. The natural/gloss finish glistens in the light, reflecting the high standards of Alvarez craftsmanship. From the Paua Abalone & Mother of Pearl inlays to the ebony bridge pins and herringbone binding, every detail is a tribute to the tradition of Bluegrass guitars.

And yet, the MD60BG is more. With its slightly extended fingerboard, nickel open gear tuners, and an AF30 FlexiCase, it steps into a modern era, embracing innovation while honoring the past.

Join the lineage of legends with the Alvarez MD60BG. It’s a guitar that will not only accompany you but will also grow, improving its sound as it ages. It’s not just a guitar; it’s a legacy.


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