Alvarez MD70BG Bluegrass Dreadnought Guitar

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Alvarez MD70BG Bluegrass Dreadnought Guitar

MD70BG by Alvarez: A Bluegrass revelation that blends traditional charm with modern dynamics. Solid Sitka spruce, East Indian Rosewood, and vintage detailing converge for a sonic experience as thrilling as a midnight desert ride.


In the deranged year of 2018, Alvarez burst through the conventional barricades with the MD70BG—like a rogue journalist on a midnight ride, crafting the hymns of Bluegrass with a modern twist. It wasn’t just a guitar; it was a rebellious statement. And boy, did it resonate. Now, just when you thought it couldn’t get more audacious, the MD70BG has entered the scene, radiating raw power akin to a ’70s convertible roaring down a desert highway.

With the spirit of the Rosewood, this devil sings with a bellowing bass, while those trebles shimmer like the Las Vegas skyline at dawn. Strum it, and you’re hit by a sonic wave, thanks to the sorcery of the FS6 bracing system and that top-shelf AAA Sitka. Every note tells a tale, every chord an anthem of clarity, with a balance that’s as harmonious as a Thompson prose.

Dressed to kill, it’s got the swagger of a renegade, paying homage to the old-world Bluegrass—those open-gear nickel tuners, iconic inlays, and a tortoiseshell pickguard that gleams with mischief. And that gloss finish? It’s as smooth as the last sip of a fine whiskey.

Playing the MD70BG is a trip. Its projection reaches out like the vast stretches of the American heartland, compelling and vast. This isn’t just a guitar. It’s an experience, demanding to be felt, and damn near impossible to set aside.

Its components? Handpicked by the gods of rock ‘n’ roll:

  • Top Wood: A pristine Solid AAA Sitka Spruce, fearless in its resonance.
  • Body Finish: A Natural/Gloss, as mystifying as a desert mirage.
  • Back and Sides: The depth of Solid East Indian Rosewood, as rich and mysterious as the stories of the road.
  • Neck: Satin Finish Mahogany with a Dovetail, ready for a fast-paced narrative.
  • Bridge: Bi-Level Indian Laurel, holding the strings as tales hold their reader.
  • Inlays: Herringbone & Mother of Pearl, glistening like the mad eyes of a genius.
  • Fingerboard: Indian Laurel, where each fret is a chapter of sound.
  • Tuner: Vintage style open gear, a nod to the classics.
  • Strings: D’Addario EXP16, the voice of the guitar’s wild heart.
  • Accessories: AF30 FlexiCase, for the nomadic souls.

When the MD70BG plays, it’s more than music—it’s a rebellion, a cry of freedom in a world of monotony. 21 frets, each a passage to the unknown. Ready for the wild ride?


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