Blueridge BR-140 Historic Series Dreadnought Guitar

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Blueridge BR-140 Historic Series Dreadnought Guitar

Embark on a sonic odyssey with the Blueridge BR-140, marrying vintage sound and modern craftsmanship. With a solid Sitka spruce top, mahogany body, East Indian rosewood fingerboard, and exquisite purfling and inlay, the BR-140 transcends time. Perfect for any style. Comes with a deluxe gig bag.

Blueridge BR-140 – The Acoustic Time Capsule: Where Eras Collide

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Blueridge BR-140 – The Time-Traveler’s Lute: Vintage Sound in Modern Armor

Strap on your goggles and grab your top hat, as the Blueridge BR-140 is about to take you on a fantastical journey through time with its vintage sounds and modern finesse.

What’s this? Solid Sitka spruce top with scalloped braces? Why, my dear sirs and madams, this is the alchemy that births the pure, crisp, and bright tones akin to the harps of the ethereal realms.

Now, behold the solid mahogany back and sides – the very timber that once swayed in the whispering winds of the enchanted forests. These, my friends, are the conduits of robust, warm resonance that would make the chest of a T-Rex reverberate.

Now, let’s turn our spyglass towards the neck, slim and crafted from mahogany, as if Thor himself chiseled it for fleet-fingered mortals. The action? Fast. The stability? As unwavering as the North Star.

Now, perchance, you glance at the fingerboard. The East Indian rosewood, smoother than a potion of liquid velvet. The fingers shall dance upon this surface like pixies on moonlit leaves.

The eye of the beholder is caught by the black and white top purfling, along with the original abalone and pearl inlay work on the headstock. It’s as if a painter and a sorcerer conjured art through brush and spell.

The nickel-plated 14:1 tuners, my friends, are the guardians of pitch – smooth and precise, they hold the strings in an unbreakable embrace.

The ProTour BV-2510 Deluxe gig bag, emblazoned with the Blueridge logo, shall be your vessel to carry this instrument through time and space.

With the D’Addario EJ-16 strings, this guitar will sing with the spirits of ancient balladeers and modern troubadours alike.

The Blueridge BR-140 is not merely an instrument; it is a gateway to dimensions where the music of yore and the rhythms of the now intertwine in a celestial dance.


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