Blueridge BR-160A Historic Craftsman Series Dreadnought Guitar


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Blueridge BR-160A Historic Craftsman Series Dreadnought Guitar

Introducing the Blueridge BR-160A – a Dreadnought guitar that combines the soul of vintage classics with modern craftsmanship. With a solid Adirondack spruce top and Indian rosewood back and sides, expect clear, voluminous notes, and deep bass. The slim mahogany neck ensures swift action. Cloaked in distinctive herringbone marquetry, it’s a nod to the 1930s era. Nickel-plated 14:1 tuners and a deluxe gig bag included. Take the BR-160A for a spin and experience a timeless sonic journey.

Blueridge BR-160A – The Bone: A Retro Titan of Tones

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Blueridge BR-160A – The Time Machine: Vintage Soul Meets Modern Wizardry

Fellow six-stringed rebels, gather round as we usher in a guitar that has been fermenting in the sweet wine of music history – the Blueridge BR-160A Dreadnought. Forged with a divine melding of Adirondack spruce and Indian rosewood, this behemoth of tones is not just a guitar – it’s an odyssey through time.

Saddle up, amigos, let’s talk timber. With a solid Adirondack spruce top accompanied by scalloped braces, the BR-160A shoots out notes that are as clear as a mountain stream, and as voluminous as the echo through a canyon. The Indian rosewood back and sides are not here to play games – they deliver a low-end deeper than ancient wisdom, and cutting power that’ll pierce through the mix like a hot knife through butter.

The slim mahogany neck is your tour guide through this tonal adventure. It provides speedy action for the gunslingers and unwavering stability for the weathered troubadour.

This beauty is wrapped in distinctive herringbone marquetry – which let me tell you, is the suit of armor for rock royalty. A name like “the bone” didn’t just happen; it’s been earned. With a tortoise-style pickguard and snowflake position markers, this guitar is a time portal to the golden days of the 1930s. Every strum is a dose of nostalgia mixed with the thrill of modern craftsmanship.

And what’s that? Nickel-plated 14:1 tuners to keep you in tune no matter if you’re wrestling wild beasts or conjuring spirits with your music. Precision is the name of the game here.

Now, the cherry on top – the ProTour BV-2510 Deluxe gig bag, emblazoned with the Blueridge logo, to keep this jewel safe on your rambling journey.

In summary, the Blueridge BR-160A is an alchemical concoction of vintage spirit, modern engineering, and an unwavering soul that’s been revered in traditional and popular music for over 70 years.

So, come on, folks. Take this beast for a test drive and let it take you down the highways and byways of sonic legend.


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