Blueridge BR-240 Prewar Series Dreadnought Guitar

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Blueridge BR-240 Prewar Series Dreadnought Guitar

Blueridge BR-240 – Dreadnought’s Timeless Whisper: Prewar elegance mingles with contemporary prowess. A solid Adirondack top paired with a mahogany body and ebony fingerboard casts a spell of tonal brilliance and warmth. Cloaked in polished aesthetics, this guitar serenades the past into the present.

Blueridge BR-240 – Odyssey of Ages: When Prewar Spirit Graces Modern Craft.


Blueridge BR-240 – A Prewar Enigma: Dreadnought Echoes of an Ageless Era

Lend an ear, disciples of harmonic resonance, as the Blueridge BR-240 unfurls its tale, merging the majesty of prewar artistry with the dawn of new rhythmic epochs! Revel under the canopy of its solid Adirondack spruce top – each scalloped brace a reverent call to ancient muses, promising unparalleled note clarity and a roar that might beckon the spirits of old to join in song.

Its mahogany back and sides, steadfast as the timeworn ramparts of forgotten citadels, cradle deep, rich tonalities, enveloping the player in a tapestry of sound that’s as nostalgic as whispered legends by the fireside.

Marvel at the slim mahogany neck, forged from the essence of age-old oaths, promising swift, silken transitions and unwavering fidelity. Upon the premium ebony fingerboard, dark as the secrets held within the heart of enchanted woods, your fingers shall weave tales of old and new.

The trimmings binding this masterpiece mirror the ornate scrolls in ancient tomes, recounting stories of heroes and epic quests. The headstock, kissed with meticulous design work, appears as though moonlit sprites twirled upon it, leaving traces of their ethereal waltz. The nickel-plated 14:1 tuners stand sentinel, ensuring each string’s homage to harmony remains undeviated.

Glistening with a high-gloss finish, touched by the mystic hues of aging toner, the BR-240 seems like a relic rescued from a minstrel’s time-capsule, its tales yet to be fully told.

Ensconced within the ProTour BV-2510 Deluxe gig bag, bearing the Blueridge seal, this dreadnought relic is shielded as it journeys through ages.

The Blueridge BR-240, a symphony that transcends time, binds the soul of prewar grandeur to the craftsmanship of the present. O virtuosos of timeless chords, the BR-240 awaits your touch.


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