Step back in time with the Ear Trumpet Labs’ Myrtle, a large-diaphragm condenser microphone boasting a vintage aesthetic straight from the 1930s. Perfect for capturing soloists or small acoustic ensembles, this hand-made mic combines a warm, detailed sound with astonishing feedback rejection. High-quality, hand-wired electronic components and integral silk and mesh pop filter ensure studio-quality sound, while the extended sweet spot lets you capture acoustic instruments accurately from any distance. Myrtle: where classic design meets modern acoustic performance.


Welcome the Ear Trumpet Labs’ Myrtle, a large-diaphragm condenser microphone that marries the classic charm of the 1930s with the sound quality of today. This beautiful hand-made microphone is perfect for live vocal performances or single-micing small acoustic ensembles, with its retro-styled spring-suspended design turning heads as well as it turns notes into sound.

But don’t let Myrtle’s vintage aesthetic fool you; beneath her retro exterior lies a wonder of modern acoustic design. She features the warm, detailed sound and astonishing feedback rejection of Edwina, complemented by a low-end tuning designed for accurately capturing acoustic instruments from any distance. Her sweet spot extends from 6 inches out, allowing for a versatile range of sound capture that caters to your performance needs.

Myrtle’s transformerless FET fully balanced electronics, coupled with the highest quality hand-wired components—film caps, precision resistors, and hand-tested and matched transistors—deliver a low-noise and naturally clear audio. Each individual circuit is meticulously tuned for optimal performance.

To control plosives without sacrificing clarity, Myrtle comes equipped with an integral silk and mesh pop filter. This design feature ensures that every note is captured as intended, making Myrtle an ideal companion for soloists or small acoustic ensembles on stage or in the studio.

Your investment in Myrtle is backed by our 30-Day Full Return Policy and Lifetime Warranty, a testament to the confidence we have in the quality and longevity of our microphones. Experience the unique blend of retro style and modern functionality with the Ear Trumpet Labs’ Myrtle.


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