Taylor 616ce Grand Symphony Acoustic Electric Guitar

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Taylor 616ce Grand Symphony Acoustic Electric Guitar

Experience the brilliance of the Taylor 616ce, featuring a Sitka spruce top and Big Leaf maple back and sides. With V-Class bracing and Expression System 2 electronics, this Grand Symphony guitar delivers powerful, balanced tone and exceptional playability. Perfect for any musical style, this pristine consignment guitar is ready to inspire.

Taylor 616ce Acoustic Guitar

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Taylor 616ce Acoustic Guitar: A Symphony of Maple and Innovation

Step into a world of sonic brilliance with the Taylor 616ce, an acoustic guitar that stands as a testament to Taylor’s dedication to innovation and craftsmanship. This isn’t just an instrument; it’s a finely tuned masterpiece designed to elevate your musical expression to new heights.

Imagine the first time you hold the 616ce, feeling the smooth contours of its Grand Symphony body, designed for both comfort and powerful projection. The solid Sitka spruce top, renowned for its versatility and dynamic range, resonates with every strum, while the back and sides, crafted from stunning Big Leaf maple, offer a bright, articulate tone with a rich, full-bodied sound.

The aesthetic beauty of the 616ce is matched only by its performance. The maple back and sides, with their striking grain patterns and lustrous finish, make this guitar a visual standout. The ebony fingerboard, adorned with elegant mother-of-pearl inlays, feels like silk beneath your fingers, inviting you to explore every fret with ease and precision.

Taylor’s revolutionary V-Class bracing takes the 616ce to the next level. This innovative bracing system enhances the guitar’s volume and sustain while improving intonation, ensuring that every note you play is clear, balanced, and in perfect harmony with the rest. Whether you’re performing delicate fingerstyle passages or strumming bold, rhythmic chords, the 616ce responds with a voice that’s both powerful and nuanced.

Equipped with Taylor’s advanced Expression System 2 electronics, this guitar delivers a natural, dynamic amplified sound that captures every nuance of your playing. The 3-section proprietary pickup, located behind the saddle, ensures exceptional clarity and detail, making the 616ce a perfect choice for both stage and studio.

This consignment Taylor 616ce is in pristine condition, ready to inspire your next musical journey. It’s not just a guitar; it’s an invitation to explore new sonic landscapes and create unforgettable musical moments.


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