SAVANNAH, GA — We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with local guitar craftsman, Ian Reddick. Known for his passion for guitar making and dedication to innovation, Reddick brings to our store a unique blend of craftsmanship and forward-thinking design.

Ian Reddick’s journey in lutherie began in high school, with his path leading him to an apprenticeship and later to the Savannah College of Art and Design where he honed his skills in industrial design. Throughout his journey, Ian’s dream of creating a truly modular guitar has remained constant.

His unwavering commitment to this dream resulted in the creation of ‘Mercury’, a high-end modular guitar that fits the stringent criteria Reddick set for himself – portability, customization, quick and tool-free assembly, without compromising on playability, tone, or aesthetics. Though an impressive feat of design, Ian recognized the need for a modular guitar accessible to all musicians, leading him to create ‘Voyager‘.

We are proud to feature Reddick Guitars at Savannah Guitar, including one of his innovative guitars and an extra “module”. It’s a distinct honor to partner with such a talented local luthier, and we look forward to showcasing his creations to our customers.

His innovative design approach aligns with our mission of promoting musicianship and learning in the Savannah community. We invite everyone to come and experience Reddick’s exceptional workmanship firsthand.

For more information, please visit our website or stop by our store to see these one-of-a-kind guitars.

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