Reddick Voyager Electric Guitar





Reddick Voyager Electric Guitar

Introducing the Reddick Voyager Electric Guitar – a groundbreaking musical instrument designed for the modern player. Experience seamless pickup swaps mid-performance, enhanced versatility, and a broad sonic palette, all packed into one great-sounding guitar. Ideal for stage, studio, or your living room, the Voyager brings innovative guitar tech to your fingertips. Your sound, your way – no compromises.


At the heart of innovation in guitar technology, we present the Reddick Voyager Electric Guitar. Designed meticulously by Savannah local luthier, Ian Reddick, this guitar is an astonishing blend of adaptability, functionality, and superior sound quality.

The Voyager stands out with its unique capability to swap pickups in mere seconds, even at stage volume, offering you an entirely new sonic experience mid-performance. This revolutionary feature allows for vast musical exploration and dynamic shifts between songs – a dream come true for every creative musician.

Less really is more with the Voyager. The wide-ranging versatility eliminates the need for multiple guitars, making it the perfect companion for gigging musicians who appreciate minimal gear and maximum potential. Whether you’re flying to a gig or driving to the studio, the Voyager lightens your load without compromising your sound.

The benefits extend to the studio setting as well. Time efficiency is crucial when recording, and the Voyager ensures that every second counts. With the ability to track different parts using the same guitar, you can focus more on recording and less on swapping and tuning instruments.

In addition, the Voyager is an absolute game-changer for loop artists. Record rhythm parts with one module, then swiftly switch to another for overdubs and solos, maintaining a seamless creative flow.

Most importantly, the Voyager doesn’t limit your sonic palette. The interchangeable pickups enable the delivery of sounds across every genre – be it country or metal, offering an unparalleled level of versatility.

Designed with professional players in mind, the Reddick Voyager Electric Guitar presents an expanded sonic palette without any compromises. But it’s not just about innovation – this guitar doesn’t skip a beat when it comes to playability and great sound. It’s a testament to Ian Reddick’s commitment to quality and innovation, offering musicians a fantastic playing, great-sounding guitar with groundbreaking features.


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