Martin 000-17 Acoustic Guitar






Martin 000-17 Acoustic Guitar

In the neon-lit world of six strings, the Martin 000-17 stands out like a renegade in a sea of conformity. Crafted in the heartlands of Nazareth, Pennsylvania, this all-mahogany beast doesn’t just sing; it howls with the spirit of the road. Affordable? Sure. But don’t let that fool you. This guitar’s got the soul of its pricier kin, dripping with the craftsmanship that’s made Martin a legend. Whether you’re serenading the midnight stars or burning up the stage, the 000-17, with its beautiful finish, is your ticket to a sound that’s as raw and real as it gets. Includes hardshell case.


Picture this: a dusty road, the sun setting over the horizon, and in your hands, the Martin 000-17 – a guitar not just built, but born in the soul-stirring workshops of Nazareth, Pennsylvania. This isn’t just a guitar; it’s a vessel of pure, unadulterated Americana, echoing the same craftsmanship that’s graced the hands of music legends.

This 000-17 isn’t just a used guitar, it’s a rebel with a cause. Crafted from the kind of mahogany that whispers tales of late-night jams and long, soul-searching journeys, this instrument isn’t just playing music; it’s living it. The all-mahogany body isn’t just a choice; it’s a statement, delivering a sound that’s as deep and rich as the history it’s born from.

Martin may talk about affordability, but what they’re really offering is a slice of their legendary sound, previously the playground of the gods, now attainable for the mere mortals among us.

Whether you’re a loner strumming under the stars, a poet penning ballads in the quiet of your room, or a stage warrior setting the night on fire, the Martin 000-17 is more than just a guitar. It’s your partner in crime, a companion on the road less traveled, a testament to the belief that true artistry doesn’t have to cost a fortune. It’s the sound of freedom, the melody of the open road, the rhythm of a heart unchained. In the world of guitars, the Martin 000-17 is not just an instrument; it’s a revolution.


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